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VAPE: The New Way To Smoke

Do you like to puff it cool and safe? Definitely there is a way to get that. E-cigarettes are best placed for sensational smoking enjoyment that any smoker can hope for. These devices are for those who know that tobacco is a killer and want something that is friendly, cool and just thrilling to puff.

Who said that smoking should make you smell like an ashtray that you can’t hide your presence in a room? Who said that your teeth should lose their color just because you want to satisfy your nicotine craving? What about high insurance premiums because you’re a high risk person. You can toss all such worries out.

If craving for nicotine is what pushes you to burning tobacco, now there is a new way to smoke and get double the satisfaction at no expenditure of your health. The simple, cool, stunning and clean e-cig devices ensure that you get just the right nicotine dose minus carcinogens, tar, ammonia and carbon monoxide that hide in that tobacco smoke to kill you.

With e-cigarettes, you won’t miss to catch those exciting moments on TV or theatre just because you left the room to go light your tobacco stick. Instead, e-cigars give you the convenience to tab and enjoy your vaping right inside the hall or living room. You worry about your little one? No more such worries because the vapor that you exhale quickly evaporates into the air.

Electronic cigarettes take smoking experience to whole new levels. They come in many different flavors such as menthol, classic taste, strawberry, vanilla and coconut. You can also adjust your nicotine intake by varying the cartridge nicotine density that is palatable to your throat.

This is not tobacco, so “No Tobacco Smoking” signs mean less to vapers. Get your device, active the battery and get puffing anywhere. There is no more public smoking taboo when you switch to electronic cigarettes.

Some Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

The operation of e-cigarettes is based on the atomization of the liquid solution of nicotine that gives the users a feeling of smoking an ordinary cigarette. This newly found package has a series of advantages compared to their convectional counterparts including:

Better Health

Smoking e-cigarettes is a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. This is because it does not contain carcinogenic substances like carbon monoxide found in analog cigarettes. Moreover, with electronic cigarettes, there is no worry about yellow teeth or fingers or even the smell of smoke.

Reduced Costs

Although e-cigarettes are expensive to acquire, they are relatively cheaper in the long- run. This results from the fact that tax on tobacco does not affect e-cigarettes (yet). Empty cartridges can be refilled at a low cost as compared to buying a new pack of ordinary cigarette. And, you can always visit sites like vape.deals to find cheap vape mods.

Benefits for Passive Smokers

Electronic cigarettes have no second hand smoke. The vapor produced quickly vanishes and leaves no odor or smoke. Thus, e-cigarettes can be used even in public without posing health hazards to non-smokers.

How About E-Liquid?

E liquid comes in different strengths of nicotine. It is measured in milligrams and typically ranges from 0 mg to 24 mg. The more nicotine that the e-juice has, the stronger throat hit it will give. It also comes in many different flavorings. This gives everyone the opportunity to choose how much nicotine they need in addition to what flavor they want to taste. Not bad right? =)

Some Of The Best Vapes I’ve Tried

There are lots of vape brands to choose from. Here are some of my favorites:

V2 Cigs
The V2 Cigs is the leading brand of electronic cigarette. It is the biggest online retailer of e-cigarettes and also has the largest fan base. Some of the products that they sell are vape mods, e liquid, batteries, and many more. It is the best smoking alternative for both first timers and experienced vapers.

Vapor Fi
Vapor Fi is the newly improved brand of Vapor Zone. In addition to their e-cigarette and e liquid… they also offer 6 various models of vaporizers. They sell miniature e-cigs and long vape mods which give the consumers an opportunity to buy the kind of vaporizer that they want. But the best thing about this brand is their e liquid. They offer a large selection of flavors. They even offer an option to create your own flavor!

Halo Cigs
Halo Cigs is the pioneer in the electronic cigarette industry. The brand offers high-end vape mods. Definitely hardware that can be enjoyed by both experienced or new vapors. They also offer a wide variety of e liquid flavors that are loved by a lot of people.

Mig Cigs
Another brand that you should look for is the Mig Cigs. It is the brand that offers Mig21 (a mini electronic cigarette that provides the benefits of the larger devices). This is perfect for those who don’t want to carry huge e-cigs but still want to get good performance.

Apollo E-Cigs
This is the most recommended brand by many electronic cigarette users. Thats because they provide options for both first timers and advanced users.

South Beach Smoke
South Beach Smoke is one of the oldest brands of e-cigarette. The brand doesn’t show any improvement compared to other brands. But it is still a good choice if you are looking for a variety of flavors and long history.

777 E-Cigs
777 is a well-respected e-cigarette company. Just like the South Beach Smoke, this manufacturer has been around for a long time. Their products are a top-notch and their customer service, as well. The brand provides a good amount of taste and vapor which are loved by their loyal consumers.

New Vape Mods

Vaping is the modern way of smoking. This is an evolution from the old traditional methods with newer, greater adjustments.  A vape mod, to begin, can be described to be a simple vape pen on steroids. It only differs with the vape pen in that it is bigger and relatively more powerful. Besides, it has more functionality and designed to yield more vapor. It also increases the throat hit and the overall flavor of the e-juice. This equipment is however highly recommended and restricted to individuals with vast experience on using vape pens. It is an advancement from the vape pens.

This device creation originated from the deficient power and functionality of the vape pens. The pens were underpowered with battery life and vape volume at subpar. They are a creation of common household items such as flashlights combined with vape pens. This created an advanced, more functional vape with long and extra battery life. In a way, they are the next level up from the vape pens, which were a level up the e-cigarettes.

Several factors ranging from longer battery life, better taste, better cloud production, improved flavor and better throat hit are among the contributing factors to its popularity. There are two main types of vaporizer modulators as they are also referred to. The two are mechanical and regulated vape mods. They differ in their mechanism of action as explained below.

Mechanical vape mods also called unregulated vapes to begin are simple designs where various parts are attached manually with static properties. It has a casing with space for batteries, atomizers, either RDA or RBA, which evaporates the e-juice. The voltage and wattage, however, cannot be regulated thus cannot prevent your battery from overheating. Due to this, therefore, you should have a clear understanding of these factors before proceeding to make and use it.

Mechanical vapes are majorly indicated for individuals with advanced knowledge and experience in vaping. They can be hazardous if not correctly used. Due to these associated dangers, it is advised that newbie in this fold use regulated vape mods. These devices have additional safety attachments. These include the ability to adjust the voltage and wattage to prevent overheating. With this type, you can change the voltage and wattage to produce the vapor and steam of your desire.

No vaporizer will be complete without atomizers. Atomizers usually come in two main types. They could either be an RBA standing for rebuildable atomizer or an RD standing for rebuildable dripping atomizer. ‘Rebuildable’ meaning you will have to build a tank on both atomizers. The difference, however, comes in with the mechanism of feeding the e-juice. With RBA, the tank holds the juice and supplies to the wick automatically while with the RDA, you have to drip the e-juice manually on the wick when using it.

The pros and cons of both atomizers depend on your vaping habits. The major standing out benefit of RBA, however, is that you can continually use it all day without having to add the e-juice manually. This is due to the presence of the mentioned tank. With RDAs, you have to drip on the wick on every use. On the other side, RDA is beneficial in that you can switch flavors compared to RBA, which has a tank filled with one flavor. Make a choice to purchase or make one therefore based on your knowledge and interest.


grimm-green-instagramI don’t know if your aware but the FDA’s deeming regulations are about to go into affect very shortly. And, as a show of solidarity between vape manufactures, advertisers, retailers & consumers, operation #vaporblack2016 will consist of reposting campaign posts instead of handchecks, models, juices, builds, clouds, tricks, lyfestyle and mods. Check out Grimmgreen’s post on instagram for more information. Or, head on over to august8th.org or r2bsmokefree.org for more information.

Raven’s Cut E-Liquid Review

Tobacco vapes: most people either love em or hate em, there’s usually no middle ground.

Like a lot of vapers, the very first e-liquid I sampled when I bought my kit from the vape store was a menthol tobacco, because I was a menthol smoker. I wanted to replicate the cigarette taste I was giving up as closely as possible.

Like a lot of vapers, I eventually settled on something else because all of the tobacco vapes I tried that day were absolutely horrible.

Company Profile

The Vapor Establishment started in 2014 with roots in Indiana. Founder Christopher Hempfling and Co-founder Eric Thorpe discovered Naturally Extracted Tobaccos (NETs) and decided to share their passion with the rest of us.

The Raven’s Cut product line includes:

  • Robust American blend
  • Oriental Turkish blend
  • Turkish Menthol blend
  • Sweet vanilla/caramel tobacco blend
  • Chocolate/raspberry tobacco blend

All flavors sampled for this review are 3mg nicotine. 13mg and 7mg nicotine are also available.

A 30mL bottle of Raven’s Cut e-liquid is $15.99.


Raven’s Cut e-liquid comes in a black textured glass bottle. Unlike the black Moshi bottles, these are not see-through when you hold them up against the light.

Bottles are capped by childproof nipple-top drippers and tamper-evident plastic wrap.

The labels are some of the most informative I have ever seen on an e-liquid. You will find all of the typical stuff like PG/VG ratio, flavor, nicotine level, and warnings. You also find a description of the flavor profile. For example, the Obscured by the Clouds label lists: American Virginia Tobacco, Kentucky Bourbon Essence, Vanilla Bean, and Caramel Extract.

One complaint here is that the labels tend to peel at the edges. The bottles are textured, so it’s difficult for them to stick. The labels themselves don’t appear to be coated, so take care not to spill e-liquid on them.

The bottles came in a small linen bag with a drawstring at the top, complete with Raven’s Cut logo emblazoned on one side.

Vapor Production

All Raven’s Cut flavors are 50PG/50VG blend. You won’t be doing any cloud chasing with these flavors, but vapor production is still above average compared to many other 50/50 blends.

It’s been my experience that higher quality e-liquids that use natural flavor extracts versus generic flavorings tend to have better vapor production, and that is certainly the case here.

Before moving on to the flavors, a bit of disclosure: I am not a big fan of tobacco vapes. Every single one I’ve tried has been very disappointing, including the RY5 flavors that so many other vapers rave about.

I smoked cigars in a previous life, and know full well what a good tobacco is supposed to taste like. In my opinion, no e-liquid has even come close to replicating that flavor.

North American Fire Cured Tobacco

This is the full-flavored tobacco blend offered by Raven’s Cut.

American and Canadian flue cured, aged burley, and finishes off with dark fire cured tobacco. A smooth and robust vape that finishes with a slight sweetness.

The flavor accuracy is right on the nose. This is what a tobacco vape should taste like. I have to admit, I was truly blown away to finally find an e-liquid that so closely resembles the taste of a full-flavor cigarette.

You get a full-bodied and robust vape throughout, with a smooth finish and a light throat hit at 3mg. Those of you looking for a true cigarette experience, the full strength 13mg will have the throat hit you crave.

Former Marlboro Red smokers: this is your vape. The search is over.

Turkish Premium Dark Tobacco

Turkish tobacco is more aromatic and has a lighter flavor than traditional blends.

Izmir Turkish Oriental, American flue cured, aged burley, and Yenidje Oriental tobaccos. If you love Turkish tobacco, this vape is for you.

And it is. This blend is very reminiscent of Camel Turkish cigarettes with its smooth, almost creamy blend of tobacco extracts. Again, I was very surprised with how accurate these Raven’s Cut flavors are.

With this one, you still get that robust draw, but with a much milder mouth feel and finish that has very slight coffee notes. Vapers who have experienced higher end tobaccos will really appreciate what Turkish Premium Dark has to offer.

Dark Turkish Ice

Next up is The Vapor Establishment’s take on menthol:

A smooth Raven’s Cut menthol with a great Turkish tobacco taste.

If I could rewind the clock and go back to the day when I picked up my first open vaping setup at a brick and mortar store, this is the e-liquid that would’ve been in my shopping bag.

As a former smoker of Camel menthols, Raven’s Cut Dark Turkish Ice is an almost spot-on flavor profile match. This is a true menthol taste, not a candied mint flavor that tries to pawn itself off as menthol.

Obscured by the Clouds

For those of you who want something a bit more flavorful, Raven’s Cut offers two special blends with very unique flavor profiles.

An extremely tasty special mix of The Vapor Establishment’s Raven’s Cut. Obscured by the Clouds is a mix of vanilla and caramel, with hints of Tennessee bourbon and Virginia fire cured tobacco.

Obscured by the Clouds has the same robust, full-flavored vape that you get from North American Fire Cured…but with an added twist. The inhale produces a distinguishable bourbon that perfectly melds with the tobacco. On exhale, you pick up sweet vanilla and caramel notes for a smooth finish that leaves behind a pleasant aftertaste.

This vape starts out strong and finishes silky smooth. A very interesting vape.

3:15 am

Rounding out the lineup is a sweet candy and tobacco blend.

An extremely tasty special mix of The Vapor Establishment’s Raven’s Cut. 3:15 am is a mix of chocolate and raspberry, with hints of Kentucky bourbon and Turkish tobacco.

If you’ve read this far, it should go without saying what 3:15 am is all about. This is a smooth, creamy blend that throws a splash of bourbon at you right in the middle, and finishes sweet with hints of candied chocolate and raspberry.

This particular flavor is best at higher temperatures in my opinion, as the chocolate and raspberry are harder to detect with a cooler vape. In my opinion, 3:15 am is the best of the bunch.