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New Vape Mods

Vaping is the modern way of smoking. This is an evolution from the old traditional methods with newer, greater adjustments.  A vape mod, to begin, can be described to be a simple vape pen on steroids. It only differs with the vape pen in that it is bigger and relatively more powerful. Besides, it has more functionality and designed to yield more vapor. It also increases the throat hit and the overall flavor of the e-juice. This equipment is however highly recommended and restricted to individuals with vast experience on using vape pens. It is an advancement from the vape pens.

This device creation originated from the deficient power and functionality of the vape pens. The pens were underpowered with battery life and vape volume at subpar. They are a creation of common household items such as flashlights combined with vape pens. This created an advanced, more functional vape with long and extra battery life. In a way, they are the next level up from the vape pens, which were a level up the e-cigarettes.

Several factors ranging from longer battery life, better taste, better cloud production, improved flavor and better throat hit are among the contributing factors to its popularity. There are two main types of vaporizer modulators as they are also referred to. The two are mechanical and regulated vape mods. They differ in their mechanism of action as explained below.

Mechanical vape mods also called unregulated vapes to begin are simple designs where various parts are attached manually with static properties. It has a casing with space for batteries, atomizers, either RDA or RBA, which evaporates the e-juice. The voltage and wattage, however, cannot be regulated thus cannot prevent your battery from overheating. Due to this, therefore, you should have a clear understanding of these factors before proceeding to make and use it.

Mechanical vapes are majorly indicated for individuals with advanced knowledge and experience in vaping. They can be hazardous if not correctly used. Due to these associated dangers, it is advised that newbie in this fold use regulated vape mods. These devices have additional safety attachments. These include the ability to adjust the voltage and wattage to prevent overheating. With this type, you can change the voltage and wattage to produce the vapor and steam of your desire.

No vaporizer will be complete without atomizers. Atomizers usually come in two main types. They could either be an RBA standing for rebuildable atomizer or an RD standing for rebuildable dripping atomizer. ‘Rebuildable’ meaning you will have to build a tank on both atomizers. The difference, however, comes in with the mechanism of feeding the e-juice. With RBA, the tank holds the juice and supplies to the wick automatically while with the RDA, you have to drip the e-juice manually on the wick when using it.

The pros and cons of both atomizers depend on your vaping habits. The major standing out benefit of RBA, however, is that you can continually use it all day without having to add the e-juice manually. This is due to the presence of the mentioned tank. With RDAs, you have to drip on the wick on every use. On the other side, RDA is beneficial in that you can switch flavors compared to RBA, which has a tank filled with one flavor. Make a choice to purchase or make one therefore based on your knowledge and interest.

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