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VAPE: The New Way To Smoke

Do you like to puff it cool and safe? Definitely there is a way to get that. E-cigarettes are best placed for sensational smoking enjoyment that any smoker can hope for. These devices are for those who know that tobacco is a killer and want something that is friendly, cool and just thrilling to puff.

Who said that smoking should make you smell like an ashtray that you can’t hide your presence in a room? Who said that your teeth should lose their color just because you want to satisfy your nicotine craving? What about high insurance premiums because you’re a high risk person. You can toss all such worries out.

If craving for nicotine is what pushes you to burning tobacco, now there is a new way to smoke and get double the satisfaction at no expenditure of your health. The simple, cool, stunning and clean e-cig devices ensure that you get just the right nicotine dose minus carcinogens, tar, ammonia and carbon monoxide that hide in that tobacco smoke to kill you.

With e-cigarettes, you won’t miss to catch those exciting moments on TV or theatre just because you left the room to go light your tobacco stick. Instead, e-cigars give you the convenience to tab and enjoy your vaping right inside the hall or living room. You worry about your little one? No more such worries because the vapor that you exhale quickly evaporates into the air.

Electronic cigarettes take smoking experience to whole new levels. They come in many different flavors such as menthol, classic taste, strawberry, vanilla and coconut. You can also adjust your nicotine intake by varying the cartridge nicotine density that is palatable to your throat.

This is not tobacco, so “No Tobacco Smoking” signs mean less to vapers. Get your device, active the battery and get puffing anywhere. There is no more public smoking taboo when you switch to electronic cigarettes.

Some Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

The operation of e-cigarettes is based on the atomization of the liquid solution of nicotine that gives the users a feeling of smoking an ordinary cigarette. This newly found package has a series of advantages compared to their convectional counterparts including:

Better Health

Smoking e-cigarettes is a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. This is because it does not contain carcinogenic substances like carbon monoxide found in analog cigarettes. Moreover, with electronic cigarettes, there is no worry about yellow teeth or fingers or even the smell of smoke.

Reduced Costs

Although e-cigarettes are expensive to acquire, they are relatively cheaper in the long- run. This results from the fact that tax on tobacco does not affect e-cigarettes (yet). Empty cartridges can be refilled at a low cost as compared to buying a new pack of ordinary cigarette. And, you can always visit sites like vape.deals to find cheap vape mods.

Benefits for Passive Smokers

Electronic cigarettes have no second hand smoke. The vapor produced quickly vanishes and leaves no odor or smoke. Thus, e-cigarettes can be used even in public without posing health hazards to non-smokers.

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